Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Sorrow of Sarajevo

The Sorrow of Sarajevo

The Sarajevo wind
leafs through the newspapers
that are glued by blood to the street
I pass with a loaf of bread under my arm.

The river carries the corpse of a woman.
as I run across the bridge
with my canisters of water,
I notice her wristwatch, still in place.

Someone lobs a child's shoe
into the furnace. Family photographs spill
from the back of a garbage truck;
they carry inscriptions:
Love from ...

There's no way of describing these things,
not really. Each night I wake
and stand by the window to watch my neighbour
who stands by the window to watch the dark.

Write a reflection on the poem and the experience yesterday.

Begin by retelling what the poem is about.
Next, relate it to other poems, movies, songs, stories or other Remembrance day activities and explain.
Finally, reflect on the poem. Did you like it? Why/why not? Do you think it is effective? Why/why not?


  1. This poem is about the war and how it was scary and by even going outside you could get shot. and how there was dead bodys everywhere and that it was a messed up time and how everything could change for nothing. There were photographs that were peoples memorys.

    this poem could be like the movie black hawk down because when any of the soldiers die they know that its over and that they are fighting to help people. It could also be like remembrance day because its about rememboring about the things and people lost in war.
    i guess i like it because its true, and people wont forget about any of the wars.

  2. The poem is about someone describing his surroundings. His surroundings have war all around him, a dead body on in the river and a childs shoe in the
    I did like this poem, i felt it was very strong and had a real world meaning. like... It wasnt suger coating war? it was real and true.
    This peom is very sad, and it is relating to remembrance day becuase he saw death all around him and in our day n' age we dont see dead bodys in the river and photo's on the ground.

  3. This poem is about war and about how many people are honestly die people that dont deserve to die like children and mothers this poem is also about life and death there is a younge kid walking over the bridge and seeing a person in the water dead with the wrist watch still on i think its about love how writing letters to the loved ones hoping there still alive and the

  4. This is a very sad story, you can picture the setting in your head extermly well.
    I like the way the auther told the story even know it was sad i liked it.

    this stroy is relatable to many violnece movies and things in hostory like the holoucaust.

    I think this sroty will get people attion and they will really think about it.

  5. This was a sad poem,i found it to be a bit creepy at some parts but very deep as well.
    However i don't think i want to read it agian because it gave me nightmares.

    Over all it was a good story, not one i would read alot though.

  6. This is a poem about all the fear and violent that comes with being a person in war and people that have lost there family in the bombing and gunning.

    thid story is relatable to the song when your gone because its about losing the one you love not just the people in war but the ones that have to stay home and worry about there love ones.
    I liked the peom because it shows the feeling have all around the war world.

  7. I think it is like the big war in Africa that happend in 1992. When a whole tribe attacked another tribe killing alot of the people in the tribe.

    I will now relflect on the poem. I did not like it since it some how reminded of the musuim in japan about the bomb that the the U.S. droped on them. IT looked scarry.
    Think it was effexcted since it told you what some people went through in a war.

  8. This poem is about a war and about people dieing that dont deserve to die. I liked the the way the auther wrote this poem even though it is sad it was a pretty good poem.

    I cant relate this poem because I dont watch or read about remembrence day stuff.

    I like this poem beacuse its true and because i just like poems.


    Just kidding. I'm going to keep this short because I kept making entries but they were never submitted. Sigh.
    I liked it, its true to what it is, and frig, give me a break.

  10. It gave you Nightmares? Instead of being scared, I was more of depressed. It personally gave me this sad feeling for the country, and I also felt that I need to be more grateful for what we have... I was always aware the whole world was not like our country, but I did not know that there are so many communist countries. It not only brings a tear to me eye, but also makes me frustrated. Communism fails.

  11. i dident like this poem becuse i dont like to read poems. but i understand what it was trying to tell us what was happining to the boy in the war and how he was felling.

  12. This poem is about war and about people dying in it,the people that weren't involed in the war like mothers,fathers, and children shouldn't be dead because they were inesent and had a family to go to. However i don't think i would want to read this poem agian because i hate reading poems,books,comics and other stuff.